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Cancer Could Possibly Be Cured Using An Organelle In The Cells

The researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine have discovered a very rare and new organelle present inside our cells. The organelle has been found to have the property of preventing cancer and also warranting that the genetic material is equally divided during cell division. The researchers have shown the organelle to be helpful in breast cancer treatment as the segregation of chromosomes takes place erroneously. The medical professionals along with the help of the researchers are looking for more advanced and accurate therapies. The new techniques can help treat at least 40% of breast cancer patients.

Generally, chemotherapy drugs in case of breast cancers are found to be very ineffective. The idea of the drug causing a number of side effects like hair loss, pain, and still not curing the disease is very disheartening. The organelle found is important but short-lived and thus, it forms only when chromosome segregation takes place. The organelle disappears immediately after its work is done. They are like droplets that concentrate certain cellular ingredients to carry out biochemical reactions at specific positions. The researchers find this new discovery to help open a new door for cancer treatment. The organelle can help chromosomes divide correctly and avoid the cancerous cells from spreading. Chemotherapy can be alternated with newer methods based on the current study.

Similarly, a study published in the journal JAMA Oncology has shown that consuming yogurt and fibrous foods can help lower risks of lung cancer. Though the researchers have not yet been able to give clear reasons behind the association, they confirm that these food products have the property of flourishing healthier microbiome. And these healthy microbes are known to help reduce inflammation, which is generally a major part of lung cancer.

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