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Our Team

Dale Kramer
Sr. Content Writer & Editor

Holding a Degree in Business Management and experience in writing of around 4 years, Dale has earned the position of Senior Content Writer. He writes all the stuff relating to the world of business from the latest news to trends to mergers & acquisitions, and much more. Dale, in free time, makes sure he spends some time with family and friends and reads books. In addition, he also maintains a personal blog entailing his life experiences or just causal reviews about the new café, restaurant, or other interesting things happening around his place.


Phone:  +1 832-941-3824

Domain: Business

Sara Davenport
Content Writer & News Reporter

Being a tech-freak along with the love for writing make Sara a perfect blend to be a Content Writer. She writes articles and news relating to the world of technology and comprises several update news, releases, new technology or inventions, events, and so much more. Sara has a great vocabulary and skills in writing articles in a graspable, simple yet thrilling manner. In her free time, Sara goes hiking, trekking, and plays a few outdoor games.


Phone: +1 832-517-0175

Domain:  Technology

Elizabeth Trujillo
Content Writer

Elizabeth has comprehensive know-how of the Science field and holds Bachelor of Science Degree in Astrophysics. Initially, she had been working as a data analyst in a different organization and based on her writing skills she was employed as a Content Writer. Elizabeth holds the responsibility of writing reports and articles about the inventions, day-to-day events, breakthrough, launch news, and other such events happening within the field of Science. Traveling is the free-time hobby of Elizabeth.


Phone: +1 832-826-3964

Domain: Science

Byron Alford
Content Writer

Byron writes articles and reports like a pro even though he has a very little experience as a Content Writer. He holds the responsibility to write about the new developments, R&D activities, FDA approval, drugs-related updates, breakthroughs, discoveries, and much more happening across the globe. Trying new food items, visiting new places, and spending time with family and friends are the free-time activities of Byron. He also maintains a personal blog putting forth several health-related topics.


Phone: +1 832-443-7246

Domain: Health

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