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Lobsters Motivated MIT Scientists To Make A New Type Of Flexible Body Armor

The lobsters’ strong underbelly is the subject of recent research carried out by an MIT team. They deem that examining the stretchy and soft membrane that shelters the crustacean from the ocean’s rocky surface could direct the fabrication of a new sort of body armor tough enough to avert mechanical penetration, but adequately supple to enable the person with to move unreservedly.

A closer look was taken by the team at the Homarus americanus’ membrane, more ordinarily called the American lobster. The creature’s membrane that is generally discovered at the abdomens and joints joins parts of the exoskeleton that protects the remaining body. The researchers enlightened that the membrane is composed of a natural hydrogel, implying it is majorly water blended with a small amount of the fibrous substance discovered in several shells, chitin. The natural hydrogel enables for flexibility in motion, allowing the lobster to trip across the ocean floor or whisk attackers with its tail.

Also, the hydrogel is remarkably strong. Its strength, as per the scientist, is equivalent to industrial rubber utilized to produce garden hoses, conveyor belts, and car tires. In the paper, the researchers explicated that the membrane has loads of microscopic coatings that they compare to plywood. They deem this makes the substance resistant to harm by a rough ocean floor.

The researchers deem that their results can have many implications, specifically in the development of novel body armors for people. Also, the team deems that the examination of a membrane of lobster can be utilized in tissue engineering and soft robotics.

Likewise, as per the study by researchers from the Purdue University and Air Force Research Lab, the silk spiders produce is stronger than Kevlar and more supple than nylon, and they think it can be key to producing new fabrics that take the weight and heat off flocks in the field.

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