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Cognizant Says It Will Exit Content Moderation Business

Cognizant stated that it is quitting the content moderation business. Earlier, in order to complete the task of eliminating all the unsuitable content from diverse platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, the firm had appointed numerous moderators globally. The firm stated, “We have concluded that specific content work in our Digital Operations practice is not according to our strategic vision and we plan to leave this work over the time. This work is mainly focused on determining if certain content infringes client standards—and can have unpleasant materials.” Further, the firm stated that it will complete its present agreements before 2020.

Earlier this year, an analysis of working conditions at the Cognizant’s Phoenix location was released by The Verge. It highlighted that the moderators working at this location were facing health issues such as post-traumatic stress syndrome as they were exposed to a flood of graphic and distressing images. On the other hand, some of them stated that after consistent exposure to videos on conspiracy theories, they had adopted fringe viewpoints. Moreover, many staff members were worried about their safety as they were being menaced by their colleagues.

In a June follow-up report carried out at Tampa, Floria, moderators breached their non-disclosure agreements and exposed how they were getting mistreatment from their managers. They listed out issues such as dirty offices and numerous sexual harassment cases, which turned into complaints registered with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Recently, Facebook stated that it is closing Tampa and Phoenix sites after March 1st. A Facebook spokesman said, “During this period of change, Facebook and Cognizant are focused on a smooth transition.”

On a similar note, recently Twitter stated that now its platform will not accept political advertising from all over the world. The firm highlighted the increasing misuse of this platform to spread misinformation by politicians. In a tweet, the firm’s Chief Executive Jack Dorsey said that while Internet advertising “is very effective and extremely powerful for commercial advertisers, that power brings noteworthy risks to politics, where it can be used to manipulate votes to influence the lives of millions.”

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