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Exiled Planet Connected To Stellar Flyby 3 Million Years Back

Some of the peculiar characteristics of our solar system—a possible Planet Nine far from the sun and a protective cloud layer of dwarf planets and comets in weird orbits—have been connected to the close approach of one more star in our system. But do stellar flybys actually have the potential of knocking comets, planets, and asteroids askew, reshaping complete planetary systems?

Astronomers at Stanford University and UC Berkeley believe that they have now discovered a smoking gun. A planet revolving around a young binary star might have been troubled by a different duo of stars that skated very near to the system between 2–3 Million Years ago, shortly after the planet was created from a swirling disk of gas and dust.

If verified, this reinforces the arguments that close stellar misses nearby sculpt planetary systems and might decide if or not they shelter planets with steady orbits. “One of the obscurities coming from the research of exoplanets is that we see systems where the planets are not aligned, although they are born in a circular & flat disk,” claimed adjunct professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley, Paul Kalas, to the media in an interview.

On a related note, a star with a planet rings revolving around it—that is the picture we recognize from many of the thousands of exoplanets seen in late years and from our own solar system. But now scientists from the Niels Bohr Institute have found a system having two stars with 3 rotating planet-making discs surrounding them. It is a dual star where every star has its personal planet-making disc. Moreover, there is one huge shared disc. All 3 planet-making discs are not aligned in relation to each another. The spectacular findings are posted in the Astrophysical Journal Letters scientific journal.

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