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Anemic Galaxy Finds Faults In Formation Theory Of Ultra-Diffuse Galaxy

A group of astronauts spearheaded by the UCO (University of California Observatories) have researched in great aspect a galaxy so far and in such pristine circumstance it has played a role of a time capsule. The time capsule is locked shortly after the end of our universe only to be unlocked by the latest tech at W. M. Keck Observatory.

With the help of the KCWI (Keck Cosmic Web Imager), the group found a solitary & bizarre UDG (ultra-diffuse galaxy). This ghost-akin and transparent galaxy, dubbed as DGSAT I, contradicts the present theory on the making of UDGs. All earlier examined UDGs have been in galaxy bundles, which were once “regular” galaxies, but with time have been converted into a downy mess owing to violent events inside the bundle.

“There appeared to be a comparatively clean picture of the galaxies’ origins, from elliptical to spirals, and from dwarfs to giants,” claimed Ignacio Martín-Navarro, lead author at UCO, to the media in an interview. “On the other hand, the latest findings of UDGs lifted new doubts about how whole this scenario is. All of the UDGs that have been examined in detail so far were inside galaxy bundles: dense areas of violent collisions where the characteristics of galaxies at birth have been messed up by a tricky adolescence.”

On a related note, since the 1960s astronauts have believed that a galaxy named UGC 1382 was a comparatively small & boring elliptical galaxy. Ellipticals are the most ordinary kind of galaxy and fell short of the spiral structure of disks such as the Milky Way. Now, with the help of a series of multi-wavelength studies, astronauts have found that it is actually a colossal Giant Low Surface Brightness disk galaxy that vies the champion of this intangible class—a galaxy dubbed as Malin 1.

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